How To Find Profitable Niches With Low Competition

How to find your niche for your business with low competition

Whenever you hear about business opportunities online it  is always mentioned about your target market, ideal prospect, avatar in your niche. All well but nobody really tells you how to find and decide on that niche. What if you don’t have particular interest or really don’t know what to sell. Your declension will impact what you will do on daily basis , it is the single most important decision about your bushiness that you will have to make ….

So lets get into finding your perfect profitable niche with low competition.

Yeah, everybody discuss generating profits from websites however what is truly the most important step is picking a niche. Everybody discovers it difficult due to the fact that your whole plan is based on that.

If you choose a hard niche to proceed compared to the budget you have, its very challenging to make later on.

There haven’t been numerous dedicated niche selection idea guides. Let’s see some simple hacks first:

The very best method is to rework things where others are succeeding unless its saturated.


How to see profitable websites:

1. Go to [property_type] =site.
2. Increase min regular monthly earnings filter to $100 or $1000, status “Offered”.
3. Select monetization as Adsense, Affiliate, Dropship or whatever you choose.

Voila, you see sites which in fact made profits. No BS.

Now, you could either filter by keyword (which I do not choose as it examines the domain name) or by broad niche if you have anything on your mind.

If you further want to get keywords, plug one of those into Ahrefs and you get a load of them.


Ecommerce sites are the very best to browse for specific niches with low competition. They note many products that leave you wondering that they might exist.

On the site directory site ( ), you might discover the categories of products sold on Amazon. If you wish to start an Amazon affiliate website, you might drill down to the category you have an interest in. Later on, examine their finest sellers ( to see where you are interested in.

When you are having a look at Ecommerce sites for Niche ideas, make sure to pick a category and consist of “Finest” or “Reviews” alongside the classification name to discover some golden nuggets.

Example: finest <product_name> or <product_name> reviews.


If you like Dropshipping, see a load of specific niches at Aliexpress ( to make the best choice prior to beginning a dropshipping store. Competition is high these days and it is very important to choose profitable niche with low competition.

Wow, you should see a frustrating variety of classifications to choose from. Now, do your keyword research digging these categories and pick an easy and low competition one.


The best site to drive traffic to your website is Pinterest and it can be also great point for niche research.

Headover to and take a look at their classifications. If you click on a specific classification, you can also discover tips of different sub-categories. On clicking on a subcategory, you see pins associated to it. It’s a great method to get popular products evaluating by the variety of pins or shares they got.

Now, when doing keyword research study, you can simply input “<product> evaluations” and get some simple and worth-pursuing specific niches. Popular pinterest boards are examples of terrific broad niches.


Whether you are beginning a new dropshipping or Ebay arbitrage organisation, you need to see Ebay Trending Products ( That offers an idea of what sells.

Apart from that, the Ebay Sitemap( consists of loads of niches or categories to choose. If you click a specific category, you can again drill down to a specific sub-category can choose a micro-niche if it suits.


Another website which can help you drive hell great deal of traffic like pinterest. Stumbleupon has a list of all its interests ( which works as a terrific location to start drilling down to a particular popular niche.

See what people are interested in and also what might interest you.

Google Trends

If you are not taking a look at Google trends (, you are missing out a lot. You can get a lot of trending long tails from here.

Here is an example:

Suppose you prepare to introduce an affiliate website. Head over to Google patterns and enter your seed keyword. Select your target country and see the data of previous 12 months. You might see how the product is popular in terms of search volume. Look for related searches provided by Google and their trends. You could get some popular and trending products associated with your niche.

Best Product Review Sites

If you want to start an affiliate site and you have ever done some keyword research study, you will discover these sites. I just termed them as “best”<whatever>. com and TopA<whatever>. com. So, they are generally authority websites which evaluate and release best x no of products to buy in a niche. They have lots of pages across several or most likely all classifications of Amazon or items from other affiliate networks.

If you discover those sites, head over to their sitemap and there you are! Your mission is over:D.


If you wish to get some low competition keywords, I would also insist you to go and check some lesser popular websites.


So, are you questioning: How can I rank if these authority websites are ranking already? Yes, you can. It might be a bit hard though.

These sites are essentially ranking because of their domain authority. What you require to do is build niche significance around a micro niche and strengthen your web page. Your website is exclusively based on gas stoves or kitchen area devices or sports goods. So, it has more importance to a search inquiry.

These websites are an incredible source to get quick niche/keyword ideas with low competition.


Footprints are another great source of niche and keyword selection. Whether its affiliate or dropshipping, you can search for relevant footprints and spy on the sites.


If you want to build a Shopify store on sunglasses: “powered by Shopify” + sunglasses is your footprint.

Similarly, for spying on amazon affiliate sites, you could use: “amazon affiliate disclosure” + keyword.

It purely depends on what you want to build and come up with relevant footprints. These not only give you keyword ideas but also website designing and product selection ideas.


I love this website because it has heaps and loads of list posts. Whether you wish to start an affiliate site or adsense blog site, this is a terrific source of keywords.

Whatever niche you wish to remain in, it lists nearly everything. Well, it likewise lists all the trending products and you could have an idea of what people want.

Million Dollar Idea That Everyone Knows and Nobody Implements

1. Pick an already profitable site.
2. Copy the same structure, same target keywords or add your own twist.
3. Plug into Ahrefs, find its RD and its whole history.
4. Recreate same stuff with same backlinks.
5. Rank and Earn.

If you are still hitting your head against the wall in frustration, not knowing how on earth you’re going to get your profitable niche slice of the internet pie? Think all the profitable sub-niches are already taken? Think again. Dont worry, we have all been there.  Let me tell you some facts about profitable niche selection:

  • *Innovation is driving the production of brand-new specific niches each and every single day (i.e. Apple Watches).
  •  More and more latecomers are transitioning far from other mediums and are beginning to utilize the web as their main source of information (i.e. does your mommy have a Facebook account? ) –  you have more chances than ever to deal with distinct markets.
  •  This is simply the start of the web revolution – lots more amazing and rewarding chances are to come.

Sure things might look competitive. Sure things may look hard.

And truthfully, they may be.

However opportunities constantly can be found in the type of challenges and obstacles. Discovering a lucrative sub-niche in 2019 is no exception. There’s cash to be made. Great deals of it.

The concern is …

Are you going to continue hitting your head in disappointment or are you going to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to discover a successful sub-niche?
If it’s the latter, you read the right article.
Motivation part over!
Let’s come down to the tactics, the real reason you’re here.

Here are the most optimal methods to discover lucrative sub-niches in 2019:

Finding a niche can be very hard. But you dont have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself. The first thing should be to get your brain buzzing with ideas.  Here is the way to start this.

There are many of smart individuals out there. There’s a great deal of industry reports readily available, based on real life information. Use these as guides. Use these as fire starters. Use these as igniting the match that starts the pursuit of discovering profitable sub-niches in 2019.
First, go broad. Then, dive deeper.
Start with simple searches like this one:

You’ll create a BUNCH of results, lists full of specific niches that are predicted to be very, very rewarding. Go through these lists. And write down niches that intrigue you. Stay as broad as possible here. We’ll zero in on sub-niches in simply a minute.
A few words of wisdom:

Usage data to make preliminary decisions – Us humans are rather subjective. We let our biases and beliefs impact what we consider worthwhile to be a profitable niche with low competition . And what we classify as sucks.

The truth is we don’t understand. We do not understand where the world is headed.

But we can still make informed choices by leveraging the power of information.

While you’re going through these lists of lucrative specific niches, you desire to make certain the specific niches advised are backed by trends. And information. Real life data.

For instance, evaluating by the titles from the search engine result – the most appealing post of them all seems to be the one by Niche Hacks – it seems, a minimum of on the surface, to be supported by information. Start here.
Don’t expect to discover a profitable sub-niche by utilizing these lists – Use lists as guides to get your ideas flowing. That’s it.
Don’t expect to find a profitable niche from a list. It’s just the starting point.

A lot of people use lists and pick out a niche. And dive in, head first.

This is the not right move, for a couple of reasons.

1. These list based articles are seen by countless people – increasing the competitors.
2. No matter what niche somebody advises, you MUST do your own keyword research study and due diligence.

There are no shortcuts here. I understand. I understand. Sucks. However it’s the fact

List of profitable niches with low competition

Niche: Fitness
SubNiches: Body Building, Strength Training, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Spin/Cycling, TRX, Running, Hiking, MMA, Outdoor Exercise, Resistance Training, Stretching and Toning, Healthy Eating, Cross-Fit, Zumba, Marathons, MudRuns, Spartan Races, Working out with Kids, working out from Home.
Niche: Sports
SubNiches: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ice-Skating, Hockey, Boxing, Horsemanship, Racing, Golf, Skiing, Skateboarding, Track and Field, Tennis, Raquetball, Volleyball, Hunting, Shooting, Archery, Self-Defense, Aerobics, Dance, Surfing, Backpacking.
Niche: Health
SubNiches: Low Carb/Sugar, Protein, Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegan/Vegetarian, Cooking for Two, Cooking for a big family, Crockpot Cooking, 5 Ingredient Recipes, Healthier Shopping Tips, Healthy Kids Lunches, Organic, Clean-Eating, Eating Healthy on the Go.
Niche: Health (Mind and Body)
SubNiches: Literally any Disease, Addiction, Phobia, Or Illness has a niche and multiple subniches. Depression, Stress, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia, Eating Disorders. The list is extensive and you can tie in healthy lifestyle tips for all of these niches.
Niche: Blogging
SubNiches: Startup, Web Traffic, Social Media, Opin-In/ List Building, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, Community, Content Writing, Copy/Sale Writing, Funnels, Affiliate Marketing, Services, Sponsored Posting, Ads, Design, WordPress, Themes.
Niche: Self-Worth
SubNiche: Emotions, Feelings, Forgiveness, Confidence, Building Relationships/Friendships that Last, Community, Healing, Social Anxiety, People-Pleasing, Negative and Positive Thinking, Motivation, Optimism, Happiness, Joy, Making Friends, Priorities, Success.
Niche: Organizing
SubNiches: Closets, Garages, Pantries, Furniture, Small Spaces, Large Spaces, Kids toys, Hard to Use Spaces, Labels, Simple Living, Downsizing, Minimalism, Finances, Time.
Niche: Faith
SubNiches: Healing, Forgiveness, How to Read the Bible, Spirituality, Grace vs. Mercy, Building a Personal Relationship with the Lord, Sharing the Word, Missions, Outreach, Rebuilding Broken Faith, Maintaining Faith in Today’s Tough Times, Children’s Ministries.
Niche: Make Money From Home (WAHM, SAHM) I always think “what about the dads?)
SubNiches: Blogging, Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Freelance Writing, Freelance Other, Coaching, Services, Personal Virtual Assistants, Social Media, Proofreading, Editing, Data-Entry, Products and Residual Income.
Niche: Save Money
SubNiches: Coupons, Travel Deals, Tips and Hints for Saving Monthly Expenses, Refinancing, Reducing Credit Card Debt, Paying off Student Loans, Interest Education, Buy this, not that comparisons.
Niche: Happiness
SubNiches: Joy, Optimism, Motivation, Ways to Reduce Stress, Conquering Depression, Making and Keeping Good Friends, Priorities, Relationship Health, Goals, Ambitions, Dreams, Confidence, Inner Guidance and Peace, Work-Life Balance.
Niche: Law of Attraction
SubNiche: Happiness, Wealth, Health, Joy, Love, Tips on How to Get the Law Working, Meditation, Affirmations, Subliminal Messages, Manifestation, Vision Boards, Journaling, Believing, Faith and the Law, Surrounding Yourself with Like Minds.
Niche: Travel
SubNiches: Restaurants, Hotels, Airbnb’s, Things to do in specific cities, counties, countries. Saving Money on Travel, Bucket Lists, Hidden Attractions, Culture, Packing for International Trips, International Laws, and Customs, Rental Cars, Customer Service, Reviews, Camping, Glamping, Rv LIfe, Cruises, Sailing, Boating, Exotic Places (watch out for poisonous bugs and plants).
Niche: MakeUp/Skincare
SubNiches: Haircare, Vitamins, Cruelty-Free, Tutorial and How-To’s, Time Saving Regimes, Glam, Halloween, Skincare for Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Bronzing, Base Layers, Eating for Better Skin, Exercise, and Your Skin, Recreating Looks,
Niche: Outdoors
SubNiche: Survival Skills, Hiking, Mountains, Deserts, Forests, Life Skills, Plants and Animals, Preservation, Conservation, Responsible Use, Extreme Sports, Kayaking, Fishing, River Rafting, National Parks, Bird Watching, Big Game, Safari’s, Trees, Gardening, Landscaping, Backpacking.
Niche: Teaching
SubNiches: Classroom Organization, Working with Special Needs, Any Class Subject, Online Teaching, Ethics, Community Outreach, Getting Parents Involved, Scholarships, College Applications, HomeSchooling, Graduation Rates, Improving Retention, this niche goes on for days. Teach what you know!
Niche: Parenting
SubNiches: Small Children, Babies, Teens, Adult Children, Step-Parenting, Empty Nest, Kids and Finances, Responsibility, Discipline, School, Sports, Dealing with Difficult Friends, Solo-Parenting (I could write a Book), Privacy, Communication, Mutual Respect, House Rules, Terrible Twos, Twins (Or Two), Accepting Help, Finding Childcare, Appreciating their Differences, Teens and Broken Hearts, Emotions,
Niche: Pregnancy
SubNiche: What to Expect, Support, Saving Money, Breastfeeding, Special Needs, Bonding, Baby Stages, Getting Sleep, Teething, Earaches, Skin rashes, Common Health Issues, Recovery, Getting Back into Shape with a Baby, Mother Self-Care,
Niche: Photography
SubNiches: Adobe, PhotoShop, Editing, Lighting, Outdoor Photos, Studio Photos, Groups, Portraits, Photo Design, Stock, Digital, Black and White, Film, Polaroid, Cinema, 8mm, Restoration, Scrapbooking.
Niche: Relationships
Marriage, Dating, Date Ideas, Romance, Infidelity, Healing, Moving in Together, Engagement, In-Laws, Finances, Starting a Family, Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting, Divorce, Sex, Supporting One Another, Work-Life Balance, Priorities, Family First, Respect, Planning for the Future.
Niche: Fashion
SubNiche: Summer, Seasonal, Capsule, Classic, Couture, Paris, New York, Budget, Multi-Purpose, Dressing for your Body, Swim, Steals and Deals, Hipster, Sewing, Creating Your Own, Etc. This list goes on and on.
Niche: Crafts
SubNiche: Sewing, Stamps, Art, Painting, Sketching, Crotcheting, Quilting, Watercolor, Cards, Woodwork, Metal Signs, Lighting, Kids Crafts, Paper Mache, ScrapBooking, Calligraphy, Gardening, 4H, Literally Thousands of hobbies could go here. Reclaimed Designworks has a whole blog dedicated to repurposing wood. And guess what, their super specific niche is doing quite well!
NIche: Movies/Music
SubNiches: Instruments, Lessons, Music History and Appreciation, Reviews, Interviews, Star Trivia, Quizzes, Top-Ten Lists, Comparisons, Roles, Directors, Videos, Concerts, Charity Events and Awareness, Just keep it positive and true. There is enough tabloid garbage to last a lifetime.
Niche: Retirement
SubNiches: Early Retirement, Savings, Investments, Bonds, Stocks, IRA’s, 401K, Roth, College, Adult Children, Location, Budgeting, Medical Costs, Interest Income, Residual Income.
Niche: Holidays
Subniches: Food, Design, Decorating, Events, Parties, Crafts, for nearly every holiday imaginable.
Niche: Food
SubNiches: Baking, Cooking, BBQ’s, Grilling, Gourmet, Cake-Decorating, Chocolate, Pies, Cookouts, Summer Cooking, Wine Pairings, Gardening, Organic, Fine Dining, Restaurants, Exotic Foods, From Scratch, Food Photography, Pasta, Diets, Healthy Eating, Canning.
Niche: Homes
SubNiches: Interior Design, Landscaping, Framing, Foundations, Septic, Water, Lighting, Drywall, Flooring, Furniture, Space Saving Ideas, Electric, Plumbing, Permits, Contracting, Sub-Contracting, Do-It-Yourself, or my personal favorite Building for Dummies lol
Niche: Pets
SubNiches: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Farms, Medical Care, Grooming, Behavior, Attention, Charity, Shelters, Aquarium, Toys, Foods, Health Care, Obedience Training, Traveling.
Niche: Alternative Care
SubNiches: Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Hypnosis.
Niche: Medical
Healthcare, Hospice, Elder Care, Special Needs, Autism, ADHD, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Nursing, Medical Training, EMT, Emergency Services, Medical School, Residency, Trauma, Billing, Records, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, and on, and on, and on. Another HUGE niche

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